RI Home Show Chalk Paint® Challenge!

Sea Rose Cottage is pleased to announce the DESIGNER SHOWCASE CHALK PAINT® CHALLENGE at the 67th Annual Rhode Island Home Show!




The Chalk Paint® Challenge is Sponsored by Sea Rose Cottage and Unfolded and will showcase Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan.



Participating designers will be using Chalk Paint® to colorfully transform surfaces and interiors in their 2017 Designer Showcase rooms! The theme for this year’s Showcase is “The Gracious Gardener’s Home.”



We can’t wait to see how the designers work their magic interpreting the theme while bringing the rooms to life with Chalk Paint®!



We hope you will join us at the RI Home, Garden & Flower Show at the RI Convention Center March 30 – April 2, 2017.  Follow our progress on Social Media for an opportunity to win free tickets to the show.



The winning Designer will receive $250 in Annie Sloan products from Sea Rose Cottage.  There will be a corresponding prize for one lucky RIBA Home Show attendee.  Come see us at the Designer Showcase for an entry form and to join in the fun!



Hope to see you there!

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Holiday Hours December 2016 – January 2017

We wish you the happiest of the Holiday Season and the best in the New Year!

happy winter cottage

 We thank you for supporting our small independent business in 2016.


Our Bristol and Cape Cod locations will be closing for the Holidays as follows:

Bristol Welcome Sign

Bristol Holiday and Winter Hours
Our Bristol, RI location will be open Friday December 23rd, 2016 from 10am-5pm and then closed for the Holidays re-opening Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017 from 10am-3pm.  Please call ahead for winter hours at our Bristol location Tel: 401-254-1166.

Simply Vintage Centerville

Cape Cod Holiday and Winter Hours
Winter hours at our Cape Cod location (Sea Rose Cottage at Simply Vintage of Cape Cod in Centerville, MA) are Wednesday through Saturday from 10am-5pm, Sunday from Noon-5pm.  Closed Mondays and Tuesdays. These hours will be modified slightly for the Holidays.  Closing Saturday December 24th at 2pm.  Closed December 25th – December 27th.  Closing at 3pm on December 31st.  Closed January 1st and 2nd.  When in doubt, please call ahead Tel: 508-775-3569.



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Barcelona Orange Bedside Tables

My latest project was updating two matching bedside tables–straight from the 1970′s.  The old surface was a faux ”green oak”  laminate veneer.


My hope was that a fresh update with Chalk Paint® would help usher the furniture into the modern era.

I decided to banish the faux oak laminate with Annie Sloan’s bright and bold Barcelona Orange Chalk Paint ®.


Provence Chalk Paint® will be used inside the drawers for a special touch.

Provence_OpenLidFirst I used Annie Sloan’s Graphite paint to cover the faux wood grain of the veneer.  This allowed me to achieve better coverage overall.


Next I topped it off with Barcelona Orange.


The paint was sealed with Annie Sloan’s Clear Soft Chalk Paint® Wax.


The jewelry-like drawer pulls were updated with spray paint in oil-rubbed bronze.

File Oct 19, 5 10 36 PM

It is amazing how the power of paint can transform such outdated pieces!


Once timeworn and lackluster, these fun & functional side tables have fresh modern appeal!


Thanks to Barcelona Orange!


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Layered Saltwash Finish Tutorial

It is a breeze to create a cool coastal weathered finish using SALTWASH!  Saltwash™ powdered paint additive can be mixed into most liquid paints to achieve a textured effect on surfaces for a gritty time-worn feel.  This post shows you the step-by-step process for achieving a layered look using SALTWASH.

Saltwash Finish Collage

First things first–find something to paint!  The perfect nautical-inspired wood surface for my project is reclaimed wood pallet art.  These are created by Rhode Island Artisan Guy Lemione and are available for purchase at Sea Rose Cottage along with many  of his other designs.


Decide on what type of liquid paint you want to mix with the SALTWASH powder.  Many types of pre-mixed liquid paint can be used to mix with the product.  Leftover latex paint works well mixed with SALTWASH.  However, if you use a glossy paint, your finish will have some sheen.


I like using Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan for its matte quality and ease of use in application and sanding. It is also quick drying which saves time.  I also like Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint for colorful top coat options but would avoid mixing it in the basecoat with Saltwash.  The watery consistency of traditional milk paint doesn’t lend itself as well to this application.

File Jul 27, 11 51 52 AM

If you are doing a layered effect, it is helpful to work out a colorway for your project.  My plan is to do the first SALTWASH textured layer in a deep blue-green color and then vary the top coat.

File Jul 27, 12 40 21 PM

I worked out the top coat colors by playing with some color mixes and landed on a pattern of light blue-green, medium blue-green, white, and a grey blue-green.

File Jul 27, 11 06 14 AM

For the 2nd coat each wood board will be painted a different color to create a striped effect.

 File Jul 27, 11 07 28 AM

First I mixed my SALTWASH powder into my deep blue-green paint.  The mixture should be thick like a cake icing–or maybe just a bit thicker.  Stir the mixture well to be sure the powder is incorporated.

File Jul 27, 1 14 39 PM

Using a stippling technique, apply the mixture to the surface with a paint brush making sure you allow thick, tall peaks to remain for best results.


Don’t be stingy with the mixture, you will need to apply a generous coating across your surface area to create your desired texture.  It is not a fussy application–think about the looseness of finger painting in kindergarten or making mud pies in the backyard!  Just have fun with it–make your mark and keep loading the brush with the mixture and piling it on until the surface is covered.

File Jul 27, 12 51 36 PM

When the layer is still tacky, lightly brush down the peaks.  Resist the urge to smooth out the SALTWASH finish.  A rough texture is needed to create an authentic feel.  If you don’t achieve the desired result, don’t worry.  You can always apply a second layer of  SALTWASH texture if needed.

File Jul 27, 11 07 05 AM

To create a layered look, once the SALTWASH is dry apply a contrasting topcoat.  You can use one or more colors.  Since the texture has been established in the first layer, there is no need to mix SALTWASH in the second layer.

File Jul 27, 11 07 47 AM

After the topcoat has dried, lightly sand to reveal the SALTWASH layer beneath.  For my project I used an orbital sander with 220 grit paper to get the job done quickly.  Try starting out with light pressure on the sander so you avoid sanding completely through the SALTWASH layer.  Continue sanding until you achieve the desired effect.  I used a tack cloth to wipe off some of the sanding dust as I went so I could see the SALTWASH effect taking shape without over-doing it.

File Jul 27, 2 18 56 PM

In some cases a top coat is needed.  If you use latex paint, the second layer is self-sealing so your project is finished after sanding and cleaning off the surface with a tack cloth.

File Jul 27, 11 08 28 AM

Since I used an absorbent, matte water-based paint, I am sealing with a Hemp Oil Wood Finish. Wax or other topcoats can be used depending on your paint of choice and if the application is indoor or outdoor.

File Jul 27, 11 08 54 AM

I am so pleased with how this project came out!

Saltwash Anchor

The coastal weathered finish on this wall art would be perfect for a pool house, beach house or cottage décor and would make an ideal twin headboard.  I can’t wait to have fun with other color combinations and surfaces!

If you would like to try your hand at SALTWASH purchase here from Sea Rose Cottage.



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Reclaimed Wood British Flag Serving Tray

I was looking for a fun way to mark the occassion of the 2nd Annual British Motorcar Festival coming to Bristol, Rhode Island June 9-12th, 2016.

British Motor Car Fest logo

It has been a long time since I painted my British Flag Dresser (tutorial here) and while it was possible to repeat it, I resisted in favor of doing something on a much smaller scale (and less time consuming of course!).

British Flag Dresser plarge

Luckily I have some reclaimed wood boards that were salvaged from 1920′s era voting booths. I thought they would be the perfect surface for art work, painted signs–or in this case a painted serving tray adorned with a British Flag design.


The sturdy boards measure 26 1/2″ by 19″, and have 1 1/4″ tongue and groove breadboard ends.  I found the original patent which showed the boards were used as a writing surface.  They clipped on to a 3-panel surround to secure the voting booth and the privacy of the user.

File Jun 10, 11 33 18 AM

The first step was removing the metal clips from the board and then cleaning up the surface.  I chose not to fill in any holes or scratches and keep the character of the original piece.

My starting point was to paint the entire board with white–thinned a bit with water so it wasn’t so opaque and revealed a bit of the wood surface underneath.


Since I plan to make multiples of this project, I decided to order a custom British Flag Stencil rather than taping off the stripes as I did with my painted dresser.    Follow the link to my tutorial for taping off the flag design here.

After the white paint was dry, I affixed the stencil to the board with blue painters tape.  I first stenciled the red cross of St. George  (England) and then the red diagonal stripes representing the cross of St. Patrick (Ireland).


After the red paint was dry I stenciled in the blue sections. The blue ground color with the white diagonal stripes form the cross of St. Andrew (Scotland).


Once all the paint was dry, I sealed the surface with clear soft wax.


For my project I used Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan in Pure White, Emperor’s Silk, and Napoleonic Blue.  It was finished with Annie Sloan’s Clear Chalk Paint® Wax.


After the surface was painted and waxed, I attached some brass handles to the board for easy transport.  The handles were centered horizontally and vertically on the breadboard ends.


For decorative appeal and protection brass corners were added to the tray.  Self-stick felt pads were attached to the four corners on the bottom of the tray to prevent scratches over solid services.


The tray is quite weighty and would be great to use over an ottoman or a picnic blanket to create a stable surface.


No doubt a festive addition to any celebration of all things British—


—especially the 2nd Annual British Motorcar Festival in Bristol, Rhode Island.  Hope to see you there!






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66th Annual RI Home Show Highlights

What great fun being a part of the 66th Annual Rhode Island Home Show!  In addition to being invited to participate in the Seminar Series, I also had fun collaborating with Ally Maloney Interiors on the 7 Room Designer Showcase Challenge.


 Photo credit: Rhode Island Home Show

For the Challenge, the RI Home Show put together 7 of the best interior designers in Rhode Island and gave each an empty room to create something special in the theme “Coastal Living.”


Photo credit: Rhode Island Home Show

No surprise it was my favorite part of the show!  I was especially excited to see several designers showcased who also happen to be my customers (and also to see two of the rooms feature products from Sea Rose Cottage).  They did not disappoint.


Designer Michelle Lee’s room theme was “Sanity’s Oasis” a place to escape from everyday life.  It featured bright blue walls and a stunning ocean mural.  The room had strong accents of orange and aqua that worked perfectly with the ocean theme.  She accented one wall with custom art pieces–mixed media paintings with pops of fuschia, blues and oranges that Michelle painted for the show.  For an official tour of her room visit her Instagram Feed at michelleleedesigns.  It is well worth the visit!


Next up is “Charmed by the Sea” by Deborah DeCristofaro of DeCristo Design Interiors.  Deb created a charming seaside retreat by layering colorful woven floral prints and textures with deep blues and whites accentuated with fun punches of lime.


Photo credit: DeCristo Design Interiors

I really like how she used lime accent trim on the tall draperies that flanked the feature window.   She cleverly created a headboard and two wall mounted bedside tables by repurposing several pairs of old shutters.  The headboard was painted in Napoleonic Blue Chalk Paint®.  A charming cottage-style chest of drawers was smartly updated by adding striped lime and white knobs.  Pops of blue around the room tied it all together.


Interior Designer Ally Maloney’s room showcased “Palm Beach Chic.”   It was a wonderfully executed tropical theme with beautiful combinations of bright corals and greens and bold mixes of patterns, colors and textures.


The furniture included some of my favorites—rattan, bamboo and Chippendale style furniture as well as a mirror from Sea Rose Cottage that I painted in bright Antibes Green Chalk Paint® for the occasion.


The hi-gloss lacquered coral furniture was accented with square emerald jewel like knobs (from Sea Rose Cottage).  It also featured a beautiful wave-pattern pillow from Oliveira Textiles in Bristol.


A fan favorite was the Rhode Island School of Design or ”RISD Room.” Interior Designer Ainsley Bonham was called upon to create a space  from the work of 9 RISD affiliates.  She was assisted by Elise Fargnoli who shared with us information about the featured artists which included Bristol–based Textile Designer Dawn Oliveira and Miles Endo of  Providence-based Studio Endo (HGTV Ellen’s Design Challenge Star.)

The room achieved a coolness factor with its cutting edge design, pallet floor and wall features by Guy Lemione and a stunning wall-mounted wood surfboard (clear acrylic mount) with a modern retro asthetic by Kevin Cunnigham of Spirare Surfboards (as beautiful as they are functional).

Now, on to the seminar —I presented ”Change Your Space with Chalk Paint®” highlighting the myriad uses of Chalk Paint® and how it can transform spaces from the novice DIY-er to the seasoned Designer.


Photo credit:  Rhode Island Home Show

Luckily my husband Rick and my friend & PR/Communications guru Elyse Major came along to help me out with the seminar. It was great to have their support!  While Rick wrangled the signage, Elyse commandeered a makeshift green room to help me organize all the materials before the presentation while simultaneously taking pictures, tweeting and keeping the mood light.  I barely had time to be nervous when I heard my name announced over the loud speaker.

imagePhoto credit:  Elyse Major

The presentation was well received.  Most of the audience members were new to Chalk Paint® and many were excited about the possibility of transforming their own interiors.


Photo credit: Elyse Major

All attendees received an Annie Sloan Color Card and tip sheet in addition to their new found knowledge of Chalk Paint®. L-annie-colour-card-1

One lucky winner went home with a special Sea Rose Cottage Giveaway—an Annie Sloan Project Pack and her Quick & Easy Paint Transformations book!


After the Q&A we circled back to the showcase so we could spend more time seeing all of the 7 rooms and talking to the designers about their work.  Truly a fun and inspirational show and so happy I could be a small part of it!




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Join us for Holiday Preview 2015!

Please join us for the 14th Annual Bristol Holiday PreviewBristol’s night to shine!!! Follow the luminaries as you stroll, shop & dine joyously through Downtown Bristol from 5pm to 9 pm. This year the Holiday Preview will be held Friday & Saturday, November 20th and 21st with some businesses also offering extended Sunday hours. 

We are so excited to be celebrating our 5th year participating in this great Bristol tradition at Sea Rose Cottage (21 Constitution Street, Bristol, RI).  We will be open for the Friday and Saturday festivities from 10am-9pm both days and closed on Sunday.


Sea Rose Cottage is also participating in Bristol’s 2015 Snowflake Raffle!  Shop local for the chance to win cash prizes.  During Holiday Preview Weekend, double Snowflake Raffle Tickets will be given for each $25.00 purchase at a local participating business starting at 5pm on Friday through the weekend.  Find out more about the Snowflake Raffle here.

Bristol Snowflake Raffle

The East Bay Chamber of Commerce is making it even easier to shop local this Saturday through sponsorship of a free Trolley with multiple stops in Bristol, Warren and Barrington from 11am-5pm!


For more information about the Holiday Shopping Express click here.


An added bonus?  Sea Rose Cottages work and wares were featured in the East Bay Chamber of Commerce’s Holiday Shopping Express segment on The Rhode Show!


Please join us in Bristol and the East Bay for a fun and festive weekend and Holiday Shopping Season!


Photo Credit: M.C. Lamarre



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Cottage Style Magazine – Sources

As you know, we are so excited to be featured in the Fall/Winter edition of Meredith Publication’s Cottage Style Magazine!  Read more about the backstory here.


While some of our sources are included in the magazine’s Sources Section (page 143),  we have been fielding questions about paint colors, fabrics and other findings so we thought it best to do a complete roundup here.


The sources are listed by page number below.  If we left something out or you have any questions feel free to comment on the post.  Here goes!

Sources for Happily Together, pages 84-91, Cottage Style Magazine, Fall/Winter 2015 Edition.

Page 84 – Kitchen Banquette:
Banquette cushions in Monaco Ticking fabric from Annie Sloan’s European Fabric Collection upholstered by Botelho’s Upholstery in Bristol, RI.  Red Anemone Print Pillows from Oliveira Textiles, Bristol, RI.  Red stool from Second Helpings in Bristol, RI painted in Emperor’s Silk Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan.   Wood tray painted in a custom mix of Florence, Provence, and Old White Chalk Paint®. Tobacco basket, vintage lobster sign and bench are all finds from the Brimfield Antiques and Collectibles Show.  Pedestal Table from Ballard Designs.  Light from Restoration Hardware (discontinued model). Wall paint:  Benjamin Moore Ivy Lane, trim & woodwork Benjamin Moore Linen White. Floor:  Carlisle Wood Flooring.

Page 86 & 87 – Living Room:
Antique Maps: Tiverton & Little Compton, RI- Family Heirlooms, Bristol RI Antique Map from the Mount Hope Farm Antiques & Garden Show, framing by Bristol Picture Frame, Bristol, RI.

Sofa Slipcover by Botelho’s upholstery, Bristol, RI, Slipcover fabric-Oliveira Textiles, Bristol, RI.

Pillows:  Oliveira Textiles Paradise Pillow in Azure, hand-painted pillows by John Young from Epilogues (Bristol, RI), and Fabric Connection (Middletown, RI) sourced fabric pillows by Shirley Allen (Bristol, RI).

Wire basket with glass fishing floats, flower frog and large shells from Epilogues.

Painted Finishes:  Wicker Stool (custom mix of Provence & Old White Chalk Paint®), Bamboo side table (custom mix of Aubusson Blue, Florence & Old White Chalk Paint® ), chair (Provence Chalk Paint®) and industrial-bench-turned-coffee table (driftwood wash technique using various colors) all painted in Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan.

Aqua cart- IKEA, Antique Ship Light-Sea Rose Cottage.  Wall Color:  Benjamin Moore Elephant Tusk, Trim BM Linen White.  Rug:  Dash & Albert Indoor/Outdoor Diamond Light Blue/White

Page 88 – Dining Room & Page 89 Dining Room Hutch (upper right)
Gothic Mirror-Ballard Designs, Chandelier- Pottery Barn.  East Lake Mantle, hutch, vases, and artwork are all finds from the Brimfield Antiques and Collectibles Show.  Candelabras & silver containers are family heirlooms.

Window Treatments:  Budget Blinds (Barrington, RI) for Rachel Duchesne Interiors, Bristol, RI.

Farmhouse Table legs and skirt painted in Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint in Ironstone, finished with Miss Mustard Seed Antiquing Wax.  Tablecloth from LinenVision (Etsy).

Dining Room Chairs:  Alfred’s Consignment, Warren, RI painted in Old White Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan,  slipcovers by Shirley Allen, Bristol, RI.

Wall color Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue at 75%, trim Benjamin Moore: Linen White

Page 89 Dining Room (upper left)
Vintage sign: Acushnet River Antiques, New Bedford, MA.  Vintage Warehouse Apothecary Style Storage: New Bedford Antiques, MA.  1880’s era Baltimore Chair-road side find.  Basket -Brimfield Antique & Collectibles Show

Page 89 Kitchen (lower left):
Farmhouse sink by Shaws.  Dash & Albert Indoor/Outdoor Rug  Samode, blue stool from Eagles Nest Antiques in Portsmouth, RI, Rhode Island  Souvenir Style Dish Towel Kate & Company, Bristol, RI

Page 89 – House (lower right):
Paint Colors:  Clapboard-California Paints in Jackson Antique, Shutters- California Paints in Warren Tavern, Trim-Pratt & Lambert  in Downy Gray, Door-Color Guild in Wright Red, Window boxes-Provence Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan.

Salvage Shutters, Brooklyn Restoration Supply, Brooklyn, CT.  Cement urn planters-Brimfield.

Page 90 – Bedroom:
Wall color Chalk Paint ® decorative paint by Annie Sloan in a custom mix of Provence and Old White (1:2 ratio).  Trim color:  Benjamin Moore Simply White.   Painted spool table in Chalk Paint ® decorative paint by Annie Sloan in a custom green mix.  Blue/green chair yard sale find.  Vintage bedspread, Eagles Nest Antiques Portsmouth, RI.   Lamp –JC Penney, clock LL Bean, Pillows & Sheets Pottery Barn.  Decorative pillows, rugs and throw online sources.

Page 91  Bathroom (left)
Wall Paint: C2 Paint in Salty Brine, Adlers Hardware, Providence, RI
Trim Paint: Benjamin Moore Linen White.  Dash & Albert -Spice Ticking rug.  Aqua bin from IKEA

Page 91 Shop (right):
Vintage Paint Supplies Sign:  Robin Jenkins Antiques, Tiverton, RI, letters painted in Provence Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan.  Window Treatment:  Pottery Barn Kids.  Stool: Overstock.com.  Frame: East Bay Thrift Shop, Bristol, RI, painted in Provence Chalk Paint® with a dark wax finish.  Paper bunting by Elyse Major, Tinkered Treasures (RI). Blue/green warehouse storage cabinet used for paint is a Brimfield Find.  Rugs and rug swatches from Dash & Albert Rugs.

First Floor Remodeling:
Other citations for first floor renovations pictured on page 84 (banquette), page 89 (kitchen pictured lower left) and page 91 (bathroom pictured left) were included in the magazine and also below:

James Asbel, Architect, Newport Rhode Island
Ventura Construction, Middletown, Rhode Island
Lisa St. George, Kitchen Designer, Arnold Lumber, Wakefield, RI.

We hope you find this source list helpful!


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Cottage Style Magazine Feature

I am so happy to share that our house and shop are featured in the Fall/Winter 2015 Edition of Meredith Publication’s Cottage Style Magazine.  One of my favorites!  On newsstands now.  The story is called “Happily Together” and is written by Sara Wolf with Styling by Fifi O’Neil and Photography by Mark Lohman.


The feature story (pages 84-91) not only magically captures the spirit of our home and shop, it is so beautifully styled and photographed that I have to pinch myself that it is actually our home!


It is hard to believe now that it was more than a year and a half ago when my friend Elyse Major pitched the idea for the feature!

Elyse_91 copySM

Photo Credit: Melissa Bettencourt

Thanks to Elyse’s magic and some great timing, we were tucked nicely into a packed schedule of New England photo shoots led by the one-and-only author-stylist-editor Fifi O’Neil and the amazing Mark Lohman, Photographer.



The story was artfully captured by Meredith Publication’s contributor Sara Wolf.   Assisting was Mark’s son Taylor who accompanied him from California for the back-to-back shoots.


For those of you who know us, or know what it is like living in an old house while you are restoring it, seldom is there a time when any room is ‘camera-ready.’  Having a room rewired or patching a plaster wall starts to become THE finished  look.  Lets just say we spent a very large part of 2014 working on rather than ignoring the details!

Painted Stairs -During

We had a lot of help along the way including some great advice and assistance from friends and family.  There were also lots of folks who prioritized their work schedules so some of the finishing touches would be done in time.  A complete list of sources for the photo shoot will be the subject of a separate post.


For now, special thanks go out to out to fellow Rhodies Elyse Major, Ali and Greg Fox, Nicole Downing,  Rachel Duchesne of Rachel Duchesne Interiors, Jeff Gladding of Epilogues, Dawn Oliveira of Oliveira Textiles,  Lee Ann Freitas of Indie Growers, Mr. & Mrs. Botelho of Botelho’s Upholstery,  Ray Ricci of Budget Blinds, and Custom Builder Niles Gregory’s team of painters and electricians who helped make the ceilings and walls sing and cast some much needed light on the subject.


Needless to say I didn’t get any pictures during the photo shoot myself! I was so focused watching Fifi and Mark and their process that I forgot all about it.  They were very generous to allow me to observe and follow along.  I was so happy that Elyse made time to join in the fun, it was great to have her moral support on the big day.


Photo Credit: Elyse Major

While the beautiful flowers that were shipped in for the photo shoot were the star of the show, Fifi and Mark were equally (if not more) fond of our lunch—delicious Lobster Rolls from Quito’s—and the occasional sustaining latte or coffee from Angelina’s when they briefly broke during their 10-hour session.


We capped it all off with a celebratory dinner at The Lobster Pot restaurant and an amazing sunset view over Bristol Harbor.  While it was a whirlwind visit I was glad to spend time with Fifi, Mark and Taylor and see them enjoying their brief but productive time in Bristol.


I have a feeling we will be seeing them in their future travels and they will have yet another opportunity to Explore Bristol.  The perfect Lobster Roll beckons!





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“Posh” Pink Paint Stirs Speculation!

It is hard to believe that three unsuspecting pots of paint could cause such controversy!  Meet Antoinette, Emile and Henrietta

Posh Pink Paint Trio

Apparetly these “posh paints” quietly made their way to Anmer Hall, the current home to the expectant couple of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, from the Annie Sloan Shop in Oxford–or so it was thought.

It now turns out that this painterly trio somehow spilled the goods to Sebastian Shakespeare of the U.K.’s Daily Mail fueling speculation that Kate Middleton may be expecting a baby girl.  Since his first report “Does this posh pot of paint mean Kate’s having a girl?”  news and conjecture has spread across the continent and the pond.


Source:  Mirror U.K.

It is no surprise that Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan appeals to the royals–what with its rich pigments, historic color palette and being known to many as “the best paint in the world.”  However, up until now no one attributed divination qualities to this high end brand!


While Annie Sloan is being mum on the subject—neither confirming or denying the location of her happy hues, the speculation continues.  I for one, am REALLY interested in which color the royals prefer, will it be Antoinette?


Work by Annie Sloan, photography by Christopher Drake

“A soft pale pink that takes inspiration from the dusky wall colors and decorative pieces of 18th century French interiors.”


Work by Annie Sloan, photography by Christopher Drake

Could it be Emile? “A color used first by artists and then in decorative work, finding its beginnings in bohemian Paris.”


Work by Annie Sloan, photography by Christopher Drake

How about Henrietta?  “The Grand Tours of the 18th century brought this color into the finest houses of Europe as part of gentle neoclassical schemes.”

While the jury is still out on weather Prince George will have a baby brother or sister, there is no doubt that Annie Sloan rules as the Queen of Color and that her Chalk Paint® truly befits royalty.


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