Green-ish Blue-ish

“Green-ish blue-ish” that is how my youngest daughter describes the color I have grown fond of the last few years.  Even though red is just as high on my list, she insists that I can only have one favorite color in my house and I’m told it is not red.  Well I guess I can’t fight that wisdom!  I kept this new rule in mind while pondering my next project—painting a pair of 8-year old hutches.

Let’s just say I wouldn’t normally take on a project of painting two hutches at once for the fear that they would be left abandoned in some sort of half-painted frozen state.  Maybe I would make it all the way through 2 coats of primer, one on each hutch and then lose my steam.  Perhaps there was hope I could get a first coat of paint color on at least one of the pieces (in between dance recitals and soccer games)–dare I say two?  No way.  

Thanks to Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, my thinking on tackling such a project has completely changed!   No need to  prime or prepare– I think this paint was made especially for me!  So I dug right in, fearless in my approach not only because the makeover candidates were from IKEA, but the Chalk Paint is so forgiving that worst case scenario I could quickly paint over something if I didn’t like it.


I decided to first paint the cabinets in a wash of Annie Sloan Old White Chalk paint diluted with water and then over that coat with a more elegant green-ish blue-ish (Provence mixed with  Duck Egg blue and water to a consistency of a cream).


After the paint was dry I lightly sanded the finish and then applied one coat of of Annie Sloan Clear Wax.  While I was at it, I changed out the toile fabric with something more neutral with the look of linen (canvas drop cloth).  


Green-ish Blue-ish it is!

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