It’s a sign!

I had my eye on a vintage wooden “paint supplies” sign at Robin Jenkins Antiques for longer than I care to remember.  I really, really wanted to buy it and hang it in my workshop but had to forgo it since there were other pressing needs at the time (like a new lock system for the van—ouch!).  Of course in the pecking order of priorities, replacement of our ratty old living room couch scores much higher than “really cool sign” for my studio.  I was sure that someone would come in and snatch it up long before I was in a position to buy it. 

Fast forward several  months later and my Mom was on the hunt for the perfect birthday gift for me.  At the same time, I was exploring the possibility of being a Stockist of Annie Sloan Chalk Paints.  Having given up the search for the elusive gift, my Mom decided to ask me if there was anything  that I really, really wanted for my special day but wasn’t in a position to get for myself.  The answer was a resounding “YES !”  Checkbook in hand, I raced over to Robin’s to see if the sign was still in the back of her shop.  As I opened the door there it was —a sign!  My sign!  ( ratty couch =0, really cool sign =1).  Robin helped me get the sign to its new home.  Hanging the sign was added to the very bottom of our very long  ”to do” list which seems to come with the territory of living in an old house.  I was still just as happy to be its proud new owner!

While I loved the sign “as is” I thought it could use a little love and brightening up.


Enter Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in my favorite color -Provence!

The sign is now appropriatly hung in its place of honor in my newly restyled workshop/retail space.  The last time I looked its brother, a Hardware &  Tools sign, was awaiting adoption at Robin Jenkins new shop space in Tiverton Four Corners.  Suddenly I’m feeling very maternal!



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