Not This Old House

I was so excited to learn that my favorite DIY show This Old House (TOH) was coming to Rhode Island for the first time in its history! On top of it, they were seeking a project house to renovate in the Fall. Be still my heart. In our old house Kevin O’Connor, Norm Abrams, Tom Silva and company are more of a happening than Brangelina. Honestly, I can’t think of bigger fans or a house that is more chock full of unfinished projects than ours. If that is what they wanted we were in good stead. After some discussion with my husband we decided to submit an application.

Of course, this wasn’t the first time we applied to TOH. Some years earlier we applied for the This Old House Kitchen Remodel. Ultimately they selected a Chicago location and we were left to fend for ourselves. At least this time we had better odds with RI’s eligible population of just over 1 million (although a less compelling case since we bit the bullet on our kitchen remodel). The hardest part of the application was moving clutter from room to room to get respectable-but-not-embarrassing photos of our perpetual work-in-progress. Once that was done we just needed to wait…and wait…and finally we heard the news…they selected a deserving project house in…..neighboring Barrington.

The upside–we have a complete list of unfinished projects, some of the house did get cleaned up for the photo shoot, and there is still time for celebrity sightings this Fall. Stay tuned!

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