Annie Sloan ™ Paint Brushes are here!

I am so excited that my first shipment of Annie Sloan ™ paint brushes have arrived!  As many of you know, I carry wax brushes that I love to use but had yet to find a favorite in the paint brush arena.  That is…until now!

These brushes were introduced during Annie Sloan’s 2012 American Tour and  up until recently were only available in Europe.


Annie Sloan’s paint brushes are uniquely oval and are made of pure bristle. It is a great brush for painting but can also be used for applying wax.

Long Annie’s favorite, this type of oval brush is firm but pliable. While strong, the flexibility of the brush allows for expressiveness and is ideal for creating texture. The length of the bristles allow the paint to flow well and spread easily.

The brushes come in three sizes (small, medium and large) and are a joy to paint with.

As a Workshop Instructor on the final leg of Annie’s Tour in Boston, I was able to take a brush home and start using it.

Having fun with friends at Annie Sloan Boston

I’ve had my brush since April and it is now my favorite!  I used the smallest version to paint a pair of bedside tables and it was the perfect size to get the job done.

We are thrilled the brushes are now available at Sea Rose Cottage.  Come by and test one out or follow this link for more information or to order online.

Happy Painting!


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