Brimfield & Beyond

I’m off to the Brimfield, Massachusetts Antique Show from Wednesday, May 15th to Saturday May 18, 2013.

I’m participating in the New England Motel Show (next to the main food court with the yellow and green umbrellas) in space 303 (main entrance, 2nd tent on right)  I hope to see you there!

I wrote in an earlier post about my top 10 tips for navigating the Brimfield Antiques Show.  If you are going to the show and haven’t been before, it is a must read!

My first and most important tip—“If you see something you love (budget permitting)–buy it on the spot!” was a lesson I learned the hard way….

I was shopping several years ago at the Brimfield Show with my husband—part of our annual trek that serves as my birthday present. 

We parked in the Quaker Acres field and my husband  immediately came across a great find…

When he pointed out the sign to me, I let out a gasp of surprise that got the dealer’s attention. Certainly not a good thing when you want to negotiate—especially if your last name is spelled C-H-A-C-E (of course I didn’t admit it when the dealer asked!)

Personally, I was ready to buy the sign on the spot but my husband was against it—we had just arrived in Brimfield—we had barely begun hunting…maybe he thought it was too easy game?  Anyhow he somehow convinced me to move on.

Fast forward 6 hours later –we were heading home.  It was all I could do to persuade him to go back to that field to see if the sign was still there.  It was!   I thought it was meant to be.   He didn’t want to buy it, didn’t like the price and he had no idea where we would use it.  We headed home sans sign.  Strike two.

Of course I was kicking myself that we didn’t buy the sign.  When I returned to Bristol I told my sad story to Robin Jenkins and Jeff Gladding of Robin Jenkins Antiques and Epilogues.  Robin said she would have bought the sign at that price herself.   They advised me to bring my girlfriends to Brimfield next time (sorry Rick!).


A few days later, Robin flagged me down to show me a picture she had taken with her cell phone—it was my sign (or rather the sign-that-should-have-been-mine!)  Apparently the Connecticut antique dealer (who Robin knew) did not sell the sign at Brimfield and it ended up in his space at an antique shop in New Bedford, Massachusetts.  I was so lucky she came across it.

After a few phone calls (thanks Robin) and a secret shopping trip with my Mom and my Sister, the sign was mine—or should I say “ours”!

While it was a fortunate stroke of serendipity that we ended up with our now treasured sign, if you are shopping at Brimfield I would advise you not to count on lightening striking twice!

Happy hunting!



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