New Annie Sloan Wax Samples!

Introducing Annie Sloan Soft Wax Sample sizes!  The latest addition to the Annie Sloan product family comes in convenient 4 ounce sample sizes covering approximately 25 square feet.

annie sloan wax samples

We are so excited that the new sample sizes of Annie Sloan’s Soft Wax are now available!

annie sloan wax sample

While the larger 500ml tins (16.9 US fluid ounces) of Annie Sloan’s Clear and Dark Soft Wax offer more coverage and a great value…


…so many of you have asked for Soft Wax sample sizes for a variety of reasons:

  • To test out a wax finish on a potential project such as a sample kitchen cabinet door.
  • To create sample swatches and finishes for your client’s review.
  • To try out the wax–especially for those who are new to using waxes in lieu of glazing products.
  • To pair with the 4 ounce Chalk Paint® sample sizes to include with a touch-up kit for your client.
  • To sample the dark wax before committing to a larger purchase, or for those whose like to use the dark wax sparingly.
  • To finish a one-time or smaller project that does not require the coverage of the larger tins, or
  • as a perfect addition to starter kits, gift baskets or for seasonal stocking stuffers!


I think the new wax sample sizes will pair perfectly with the purchase of a new wax brush


or with any sample of Chalk Paint® in 32 gorgeous colors!  Whatever the reason, the new Annie Sloan Soft Wax sample sizes are available to purchase here (or below)!

annie sloan wax samples

Order a sample size of CLEAR or DARK Soft Wax today:
Price: $15.00
Price: $15.00

Wax on!