Annie Sloan Paint Brush – Medium

Photo courtesy of Annie Sloan & Christopher Drake

Annie Sloan’s Medium Paint Brush is uniquely oval and is made of pure bristle.  It is a great brush for painting but can also be used for applying wax.

Long Annie’s favorite, this type of oval brush is firm but pliable. While strong, the flexibility of the brush allows for expressiveness and is ideal for creating texture.  The length of the bristles allow the paint to flow well and spread easily.

The medium brush has a wooden handle that measures 25 cm or just under 10 inches.  The ferrule is metal with a width measuring 5 cm or just under 2 inches.

Should you use the brush for painting and waxing, we recommend you dedicate separate brushes for each (and reserve one brush for clear wax and one for dark wax).

Price: $38.95