Annie Sloan Soft Wax – Dark

Hannant’s Polishing Wax - Rustic BrownUse Annie Sloan’s Soft Dark Wax in combination with Soft Clear wax to age and show texture on your piece.   Apply the clear wax first and then apply the dark wax with a brush or rag, wiping off any excess. The clear wax can also be used to take more dark wax off, depending on the desired effect. The dark wax can be tinted with Chalk Paint® to lighten or darken.

Annie Sloan’s Soft Dark Wax is sold in a 4.22 ounce sample size and also in a 500 mil tin (16.9 US fluid ounces).  The sample pot covers approximately 25 square feet and the larger tin covers 430 square feet.


Price: $15.00