Repurposing Old Chart Maps

As you may know from an earlier post, I love green-ish blue-ish.  The color catches my eye wherever I see it.  I particularly love the aqua color that is found in nautical chart maps.

Actually, I like all the colors on the map and all the markings land and sea.

After seeing Miss Mustard Seed’s magic with sheet music (including her sheet music dresser and sheet music wreath),  I thought it might be fun to do something similar with old nautical maps.  My first attempt was a paper cone wreath…..


I did several of these until I got the hang of it.  I thought I’d try something on a smaller scale–paper ornaments since you can do multiples in much less time.  While the possibilities are endless, I found one version that I liked at Under the Table and Dreaming and just followed the instructions.


Now on to furniture!  My friend found this simple side table at a yard sale and thought it might be something I would be interested in painting.  He was right!

I decided to paint the table in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Duck Egg Blue.

To add interest to the plain table top, I added a Compass Rose.

I painted the Compass Rose in ASCP Country Grey and Old White highlighting the table edges  in Country Grey.

I used decoupage medium to secure the map to the dawer front and added a monkey fist drawer pull in place of the original.

I finished the piece with Annie Sloan’s Clear and Dark wax, slightly distressing it in the process.

If you happen to have any out of date chart maps that you no longer need, please send them my way.   I can certainly put them to good use!

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Green-ish Blue-ish

“Green-ish blue-ish” that is how my youngest daughter describes the color I have grown fond of the last few years.  Even though red is just as high on my list, she insists that I can only have one favorite color in my house and I’m told it is not red.  Well I guess I can’t fight that wisdom!  I kept this new rule in mind while pondering my next project—painting a pair of 8-year old hutches.

Let’s just say I wouldn’t normally take on a project of painting two hutches at once for the fear that they would be left abandoned in some sort of half-painted frozen state.  Maybe I would make it all the way through 2 coats of primer, one on each hutch and then lose my steam.  Perhaps there was hope I could get a first coat of paint color on at least one of the pieces (in between dance recitals and soccer games)–dare I say two?  No way.  

Thanks to Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, my thinking on tackling such a project has completely changed!   No need to  prime or prepare– I think this paint was made especially for me!  So I dug right in, fearless in my approach not only because the makeover candidates were from IKEA, but the Chalk Paint is so forgiving that worst case scenario I could quickly paint over something if I didn’t like it.


I decided to first paint the cabinets in a wash of Annie Sloan Old White Chalk paint diluted with water and then over that coat with a more elegant green-ish blue-ish (Provence mixed with  Duck Egg blue and water to a consistency of a cream).


After the paint was dry I lightly sanded the finish and then applied one coat of of Annie Sloan Clear Wax.  While I was at it, I changed out the toile fabric with something more neutral with the look of linen (canvas drop cloth).  


Green-ish Blue-ish it is!