Henrietta to the rescue!

I had a request for a custom Chalk Paint® color match for an image on my website – pedal car pink!

While Annie Sloan’s color palette introduces endless possibilities….

 I started with a short list…

Henrietta, Antoinette, Scandinavian Pink, Emperor’s Silk, and Primer Red.

To envision each Chalk Paint® color mixed with Old White, check out a great post here.


After considering the colors and gradations, I decided to mix Henrietta (a rich clean pink with a touch of lilac) with Annie Sloan’s Pure White.

Using Pure White (rather than Old White) will result in a cleaner color and a closer match to the bright light-pink of the pedal car.

Funny enough, I spent most of my time figuring out how little of Henrietta Chalk Paint® I needed to mix into the Pure White!

In the end, 1 Part Henrietta to 16 Parts Pure White Chalk Paint® made the best match.

That would equate to mixing 1/2 sample pot of Henrietta (2 oz) to 1 quart of Pure White (32 oz).  I think even lighter versions would be just gorgeous!

 Thanks Henrietta!

Brimfield Calling!

Since I probably won’t be able to sneak off to the Brimfield Antiques Show in Massachusetts this week, I need to wistfully recall the fun I had going to the show in May.  Each year, as a birthday present, my husband takes the day off to join me in my annual pilgrimage to the mecca of all things antique and vintage.  Yankee Magazine aptly captures the spirit of the show in its May/June 2010 issue where it describes Brimfield as both the utimate treasure hunt and a three ring circus.  I just call it heaven!

As a new Stockist for Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, I was on the hunt for a display cabinet for my first paint shipment that was arriving any day.  I scoured the fields in search of the perfect piece and hurried past a turnoff that led to a row of tented shops and then to a dead end.  I thought better of it, turned back and headed down the previously ignored path.  Here it was, my diamond in the rough!

Since it was early in the show my husband thought it would be better to do some more looking around and circle back (Golden Rule #1–There is no circling back in Brimfield!).  Alas, it was too late—I was smitten!  It was a little worse for wear and tear but the price was right and it fit the bill perfectly.

One problem  – no way would this big boy fit in my van!  Luckily the stars aligned and the dealer turned out to be from the Out of the Blue Antique Shop in nearby Swansea, Massachussets.  They offered to deliver it to Bristol on their way back from the show.  To my surprise I heard two of my favorite words–FREE DELIVERY!!!!

Well after a lot of cleaning up, and a fresh coat of Annie Sloan’s Henrietta Chalk Paint on the shelves, this little cast off has been officially revived.   And boy can it hold a lot of paint!