Mixing it up with Pearl Plaster & Chalk Paint®

I mentioned in an earlier post that Artisan Enhancements Pearl Plaster is now available at Sea Rose Cottage.  Learn more about the magic of Pearl Plaster or purchase here.

Pearl Plaster adds a lustrous, pearlescent quality to furniture and wall finishes.  In its natural state, its shimmery pearl color is just fabulous!

What is also fun about Pearl Plaster is that you can tint it with Chalk Paint® too!  The general rule of thumb is to use 10-15% Chalk Paint® to Pearl Plaster.  Be careful not to thin it down too much.

I was working on a project over the weekend and ended up tinting the Pearl Plaster with a custom mix of French Linen & Paris Grey Chalk Paint®.  The color had a modern zinc-like feel.

After I saw the result,  I became curious about the many Pearl Plaster color variations that can be created with Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan and her rich color palette.


While I didn’t mix all of Annie’s 30 gorgeous colors with the Pearl Plaster, I did pick out a few of the more saturated ones.

Like Aubusson Blue and Florence…

Provence and Emile

and Graphite and Old Violet.

I used 1 Part Chalk Paint to 10 Parts Pearl Plaster for my mixes.

I love the beautiful shimmering light blue-grey of Aubusson Blue  & Pearl Plaster.
 The light sparkling spa-green color created with Provence is just exquisite,

and with Graphite, Pearl Plaster creates a wonderful modern silver-grey finish.

Mixing it up with Pearl Plaster and Chalk Paint® is a great way to extend your metallic color range!

How would you mix it up?


My first guest post!

I am so thrilled to be featured on Kelly Bernier’s Fabulous Blog Restyling Home By Kelly!  Check out my guest post here.

Restyling Home by Kelly

Sharing decorating advice, design inspiration, color
selection help and hints & tips I’ve learned along the way.

Kelly is a talented designer who helps to make homes happy with color selection and room makeovers in a day using existing furnishings.  What a great and inexpensive way to update your home for the holidays!

I am always in the restyling mode and love to use her blog as a resource.  I especially love all her insights with color and how she generously shares her restyling tips and tricks.  Check out her post on the 60-30-10 color rule–it is one of my favorites!

 Jim Howard